Minerva Arts Center

Minerva Stage, “where students’ art forms are celebrated, and hidden talents are discovered”.

The Minerva Arts Center serves Northwest Massachusetts as a performance venue for regional and visiting artists, and by providing classes in a variety of disciplines.

The Minerva Arts Center was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 2011 and is operated under the artistic direction of Minerva Stage. Founded by Kathleen O’Mara, Minerva Stage has been providing residents of Berkshire County with arts education, including theatre, music, dance, video, creative writing, and the visual arts since 1996.

Mission Statement:

To promote the importance of an arts-based education by providing high quality arts programming, to inspire creativity in our community, and to offer opportunities for students and adults of all ages to realize their true artistic potential.

Minerva Arts Center Board of Directors:

Executive Director: C.Edward Cating 413-212-7897

Artistic Director: Kathleen O’Mara 413-441-6120

Chief Financial Officer: Laurie Brenner 413-346-4502

General Manager: Nathan Samson 413-884-2008


In 1996, Kathleen O’Mara founded Minerva Stage in Williamstown, Massachusetts to introduce students of all ages to performing and visual art experiences. Since then, Minerva Stage has worked with thousands of students in myriad artistic, expressive, and academic projects. Minerva Stage is committed to the development of educational programs for students interested in the arts. Minerva Stage programming and workshops can be structured to tailor specific community and organizational needs, including scheduling and duration of program. Workshop and performance program fees are determined by length of project, production costs and community resources. Minerva Stage assists with fundraising, grant research and writing, and offers student scholarships. Ms. O’Mara has a Master’s in Education and has been teaching theater since 1992, providing students from different communities around the country, opportunities to explore the world of theater and visual arts.